Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A thousand points of white

Over the weekend, we got together with some friends and played several sessions of 1,000 Blank White Cards.

If you've never played before, it's a pretty simple concept. Each player makes up some cards with a subject, a point value, and (optionally) extra rules. These get shuffled in with the rest of the blank cards. You go around the table, playing cards on yourself and/or others. As you get new blank cards in your hand, you can make up new cards (and, thus, rules) on the fly.

A few of my personal favorite creations from the most recent game:

Don't Lick That! - Ahboo destroys one in-play food item of your choice each turn.

Fudgement Day - Each player destroys one in-play card. +100 points (mmmmm fudge). Destroys all other Day cards in play.

Oh No! Squirrels! - Cancel any card that is played on you and play it on someone else instead. Can be played at any time.

George Lucas - ("I want my eight bucks back!") No movie references can be played while George Lucas is in play.

Test Your Might - All players throw a card from their hand. The player owning the one that lands furthest from the table gets this card. +200 points (Note that I abused the hell out of this one by crumpling one of my cards into a ball and chucking it across the room).

At this point, I don't even remember who won, but that's just an incidental detail with this sort of game.


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