Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cast your pod to the wind

My friend Alex and I have published the first two episodes of our technology podcast, NO CARRIER.

It's a non-specific technology-themed podcast that we're going to try to do on a semi-regular basis (hopefully weekly, once we get into the swing of it). We've kept the podcast kind of dry so far, but we're hoping to get into more accessible and entertaining topics in the weeks to come. There may be a few rough spots, since we're still learning what the hell we're doing with all of this, but I think the first two podcasts turned out pretty well.

You can check out both episodes over at the NO CARRIER page.

Note that I didn't talk very much on the second episode -- because of the nasty storms in Alabama over the weekend, I actually couldn't hear much of what Alex or our guest were saying. Oh well, it still turned out okay. I'll be hosting the next episode, so expect either brilliance or a train wreck. Or a brilliant train wreck.


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