Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NO CARRIER Episode 4

The new episode of NO CARRIER is now available.

This week, Alex and I talked about the WWDC keynote speech, and what it means for Apple, enterprises, and you. It's short and sweet, clocking in at under an hour (we're going to try to keep them between 30-60 minutes from now on). Check it out and pass it on!

I'm enjoying doing the quasi-weekly podcasts, and I think each one has improved over the previous episodes. I need to stop babbling about something when I don't have my thoughts straight (that's what editing is for!), and really have to work to stop relying on verbal crutches. When I go back and listen to the rough edits, I cringe every time I hear myself say "uh" or "you know".

Still, we're having a blast, and hopefully it's as entertaining to listen to as it is for us to record.


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