Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One stick, two stick, red stick... uh...

I just got back from Baton Rouge late last night. I had what I think was a very good interview down there, and I expect to hear either an offer or a "fuck off" sometime in the next day or two.

During the trip, I remembered once again why I hate flying. The security checkpoints are still a colossal pain in the ass -- especially when they had to run my backpack (which had absolutely nothing in it other than a day's worth of clothes) through the X-ray machine three times. Three out of four of my flights were delayed. The other was eventually cancelled, but not before I transferred my flight to another airline.

Of course, I know a little less than nothing about Baton Rouge. It probably wouldn't have been near the top of my list of "Places I want to live" a month or two ago. One of the main reasons I wanted to move back from Idaho was that we wanted to be closer to friends and family. So even though Baton Rouge isn't that far (7 hours to Huntsville, 5 or so to Birmingham), it still defeats one of the primary reasons to move to Alabama.

Unfortunately, I had very little time to experience local flavor while I was in Louisiana. I spent less than 24 hours between airport visits, and the weather was so nasty that I wasn't inspired to do a large amount of driving. I did get food delivered to my hotel room from a local seafood place called Ralph & Kacoo's -- their menu included such delicacies as fried alligator and seven different crawfish dishes. Tasty. I guess. I don't know; I got the shrimp.

Anyway, I'll keep the blog updated as I know more. If the company comes through with an offer, Hillary and I may drive down so we can see the area and what housing prices are like. Can't be any worse than Sandpoint, eh?


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