Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Ahboo Files: Vol. 3

We caught up with some of my old high school friends since my last post. Bill and David both have great new houses, and we finally got to meet David's dog Jonas (who is not as much a canine as a primal force of nature). I wish we'd had more time to visit with everyone, but we're on kind of a whirlwind schedule this week, and I know everyone else is busy with the holiday weekend too.

Anyway, here's the next (and final?) installment of The Ahboo Files...


Harness Dress Rehersal

Hi H & C,

Hope you are enjoying home & family visits! The weather here is sunny again, but the mornings remain cool. It's beautiful fall weather.

Ahboo is very relaxed with me now. I no longer need to coax him across the linoleum and outside. I simply open the door and ZOOM - he's off and running!!! Last night I decided to try a dress rehearsal with the harness. He was a perfect gentleman and stepped right in! So I thought, okay, I'll find out what it's like to take him out the front door on the leash. He did great again! So I thought, okay, let's see if he'll get in my car. We had a little trouble with this one (more of a jump? to get in the back of my Subaru I think). I tossed a cookie in, but he was still tentative. I crawled inside and called him in and he was still tentative. But he finally mastered the "jump" into the back of my car so I thought, okay, we've made it this far, let's just go to Dog Park! When we got there, there was a small dog (Boston Terrier / Toy Poodle mix) who's owner's looked nervous about our arrival. I kept Ahboo on his leash while the dogs got acquainted. The dog's owners explained that their dog had recently been attacked three times by bigger dogs so he was nervous around big dogs. I explained that Ahboo was not my dog and I was not positive how he got along with other dogs but I was pretty sure you had told me he was very social and liked to play. The whole time we were having this conversation, the dogs were getting acquainted and couldn't wait to get off their leashes and play. So we turned them loose and boy did they have a good time. "Sammie" is Ahboo's new best friend. Sammie had a squeeky football that they both played chase with. Ahboo was a good playmate and didn't "hog" the toy even though he is probably 10 times bigger than Sammie. Sammie's owners were so delighted to have such a wonderful playmate for their dog (and likewise for me - I didn't have to run or play chase with Ahboo!) so we decided to meet at Dog Park again tonight @ 6pm. I think Ahboo probably slept pretty well last night - he played hard!

--The Pet Nanny


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