Thursday, August 24, 2006

Okay, there's a little more than potatoes

I was talking to my friend Trey earlier, and I guess my last blog entry could give the impression that Sandpoint is basically hell on earth.

It's not that bad; while I don't feel like I'd ever fit in here like I would in a bigger city, it's well-suited for someone who enjoys small-town life. There are lots of local activities: summer festivals, a nice farmer's market, even the occasional indie film or play at the theater. The Fourth of July fireworks at the beach are spectacular, and virtually the entire town turns out to watch them. The local family-owned restaurants are every bit as good as anything in Birmingham, with quality and friendly service making up for the lack of variety you find here. You can walk downtown (even after dark!) without worrying about getting stabbed, which is definitely a nice perk.

Hillary often points out that I don't try to get out and see what the town has to offer. I guess that's true in a sense, but I do keep an eye on what's coming up, and quite honestly, most of it doesn't interest me very much. If I was more outdoorsy (allergies suck) or had kids (one thing that poops on the floor is enough, thanks), I might be more appreciative of the goings-on in Sandpoint. I like games and computers and guitars and watching terrible movies with a few close friends, and that's just not the lifestyle here, apart from a few people at my company (who, unfortunately for us, all have families and little free time -- and most of them don't seem to feel like they fit in here, either).

But the fact remains... I was born and raised in the suburbs, and I've always lived near a city. I like city stuff. I want to go to concerts, and have a shopping mall nearby, and be able to get food at three in the morning if the mood hits me. I want to be somewhere with lot of people who share similar interests. Sandpoint is not a terrible place when it comes down to it. It's just not for me.


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