Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Ahboo Files: Vol. 2

We had a great dinner with my friend Alex and his family. Their little son, "Bunbun", could barely pull himself up to standing last time we saw him, and now he's walking, talking, and feeding himself (sort of) like a pro. Caitbug, who we've known since she was a tiny baby, is fully into teenager mode now. Wow, I feel old.

Anyway, here's Ahboo update #2...


Ahboo Relaxing

Hi H & C,

Nothing important. Just wanted to let you know that Ahboo is getting more relaxed about going outside on his own now. Whew! I had to do alot of coaxing and trickery to get him out the first few times. Seemed to work to toss a cookie outside and then tell him "release". He'd run to the door, stop, look at me, and I'd have to repeat the "release" command again. Now I just put a cookie inside his Kong toy and throw it in the back yard - he delights (and succeeds) in getting the cookie out eventually. He seems to like to dine in privacy, so I leave the room while he eats his meals. We've been having a good time playing fetch and chase in the back yard. I'll have time Friday night and over the weekend (probably at noon) to take him to dog park. Ramone is Ramone, but he misses you - he's so-o-o-o blue! :)

The weather is cloudy and cool with rain showers. Yesterday it was only 52 degrees. This A.M. it was 40 degrees - brrrrr. Hope it's warm where you are and you are having a good visit with family!

--The Pet Nanny


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