Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tiny elves moved my bedroom furniture while I slept

Well, yesterday was the big move to the new house (pictures coming soon!).

Everything went very smoothly. Since we'd spent all weekend moving over the small stuff, all the movers had to deal with was our furniture. We're already 90% unpacked in the new house, and Hillary is turning the extra storage room into an actual, genuine guest room. So you Alabama folks had better come and visit sometime, y'hear?

Ahboo is adjusting very well to the new place. He whined and cried a lot during the move, but he slept through the night with barely a whimper. Originally he didn't want to go into the kitchen to get to the back door -- the kitchen in the old house was a "no-zone" for him. The first couple of times through, we thought he was squatting to pee on the floor, but then we realized that he was just trying to put on the brakes.

We finally got Ahboo somewhat comfortable with traversing the kitchen, but now he doesn't like coming into the house through the back door. It isn't that he wants to stay outside; he's always been afraid of new doorways. No amount of calling, pleading, dragging, or bribery would get him through the door, so I had a bright idea. We walked inside, sat down in the living room, and ignored him. After a few minutes, we heard the clack of his toenails as he tentatively crossed the treacherous landscape of the kitchen. He's still a little bit timid about coming into the house through that door, but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it in a few days.

I'm still enjoying the hell out of my Xbox 360. I picked up Rockstar Table Tennis (sorry, no guns or hookers in this one), and it's a blast. Aside from the occasionally unbeatable AI on "Hard" difficulty, the game feels very balanced and polished. The ball physics are almost perfect, and the players seem very lifelike and have a lot of detail put into their individual movements and reactions. Online play is very smooth too, though I quickly found that I suck at the game, at least compared to the ADD teenagers that infest Xbox Live.

Oh, and a side note... We won't have DSL at the new house for another 7-10 days, so I won't be online from home for a bit. This is mainly for my World of Warcraft friends, since I can still hit AIM/forums/blogs from work. I hope I can make it through the Internet withdrawal period with my sanity intact.


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