Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I am a fancy consumer and you will heed my wishes

Last week, DirecTV pulled a couple of the XM Radio channels off their lineup. One of these is High Voltage, which carries Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez. Since I tend to listen to these shows quite a bit (especially the latter), I wrote an annoyed E-mail to DirecTV's customer service department.

Apparently a lot of other people did, too. A whole lot.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

We've got great news! Thanks to the many requests from fans of Opie & Anthony, DIRECTV has decided to bring back XM Satellite Radios's High Voltage XL on channel 879. High Voltage XL will be available as a part of our TOTAL CHOICE PLUS package and should be returning in the next few days. If you do not already subscribe to TOTAL CHOICE PLUS or above, you can do so online. Just sign into your account (or register if you have not yet) and click on the Change or Add Programming link.

Thanks again for writing to let us know how you feel, and stay tuned to DIRECTV to hear Opie & Anthony again.

Jim S
DIRECTV Customer Service


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