Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ahboo update

Ahboo is getting better with his separation anxiety now. He doesn't bark much anymore, and the whining at night only lasts a couple of minutes. I tried leaving the TV on when I left for work yesterday, and he seemed to be a little less anxious when I walked out the door.

Now the bad... He had his first accident in the crate on Monday while I was at work. He'd been very constipated (the vet gave us a stool softener and said to try mixing flax seed or safflower oil with his food), and I guess he finally had to go. When I came home, his crate was a mess. Yuck.

Last night, I took him out to potty/play, and he went as soon as we took him out. However, once we got back inside, he started circling the room, seeming very excited. After a couple minutes of this, he started to lift his leg on the wall (there's an inward corner next to our hallway). Luckily, I was watching him, and a loud "NO!!!" stopped him before he could start.

This is odd, because outdoors he always squats to pee (even if there's a tree or hydrant nearby), and we've never seen him "mark" anything -- even when another dog marked the hydrant right outside our front door, Ahboo sniffed and then ignored it.

Anyway, I'll take some more pictures of our new doggie in the next day or two and post them. Hopefully with continued successful updates on his potty training.


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