Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everybody run, it's Venger!

Way back in my college days, I used to moderate the official forums for the PVP comic strip. Since the fanbase consisted mostly of gamers, I decided to put together an IRC-based Dungeons & Dragons (old-school second edition AD&D) game.

As this sort of thing tends to do, the game trailed off after the first few weeks due to schedule conflicts, but the sessions we did play were some of the best times I've ever had running an RPG. It's odd that I can say this about an online, text-based campaign full of virtual strangers, but the group had a good chemistry and strong characters to work with, and everything just seemed to click.

My D&D-themed post yesterday inspired me to go back and read the logs from this game. After my derisive review of the Wizards of the Coast DM's, I figured I should probably put my own experience on display.

Over the next week I'll be posting the transcripts from our game sessions. They're very lengthy, but there is some great roleplaying by the players and some marginally passable DMing by yours truly. I tend to be terribly self-critical, but going back and reading these logs, even seven years later, I'm generally impressed with what I created.

Hopefully you'll find our adventures entertaining. Maybe you'll even be inspired to try hosting your own game sometime.


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