Monday, December 03, 2007

I can has star power?

Highlights of last night’s four-player Rock Band session:

1. Standing back-to-back and shouting the “HEY-HO, LET’S GO!” into the mic during Blitzkrieg Bop. Y’know, just like the Ramones, but with not nearly as much hair.

2. Everyone spontaneously deciding to attempt My Sharona on a difficulty level higher than what they’d been playing. We got maybe twenty seconds into the song before failing spectacularly.

3. Hillary getting a much-needed vocal assist on Jukebox Hero, with the rest of the band screeching “JUST ONE GUITAR!”.

4. The creation of Todd and the Harem, consisting of… well… Todd, and his harem of elfish waifs and one Amazonian giantess bass player.

5. David’s adaptation of the “Wanted Dead or Alive” lyrics: “I’ve seen a million faces, and I FUCKED THEM ALL!”.


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