Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well, do you have any Frank Black?

Through a comedy of unexpected circumstances, Hillary and I found ourselves at a karaoke lounge on Tuesday night. Originally, we were just going to meet up with friend Adam borrow a couple of old games, but we ended up sticking around and watching him and his wife sing to the (as yet) empty building.

I never thought I'd enjoy hanging out in a karaoke bar (since I don't drink and I can't sing), but it was actually kind of fun to watch the free entertainment. In an uncharacteristically extroverted move, Hillary decided to get up and try a couple of songs, since there wasn't yet a sea of strangers inhabiting the place. She did a believable "House of the Rising Sun", and then kicked it up a notch (bam!) to do a great cover of Tori Amos' rather difficult "Silent All These Years".

Me? Nope. There are only two professional singers that I feel confident I can do justice, and there are no Pixies songs in the karaoke catalog. Although right before we left, I noticed that my other choice, "Punk Rock Girl" by the Dead Milkmen, is indeed available. So maybe one day...


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