Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Snow? What's that?

Wow, it's already been a week since my last update? So much has happened...

We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. The turkey (which was nearly 20 pounds -- for just the two of us) turned out great, as did Hillary's potatoes. I managed to make a passable gravy for the first time ever, and I think I have the technique down for next time. We spent the weekend just hanging out, watching TV, and playing games (Balloon Cup and Gloom both made an appearance from the depths of our game collection), which I think is something we both really needed.

I also started playing World of Warcraft again over the weekend. It's the one MMORPG I never got burned out on, despite playing it to death. The main reason I originally stopped is because of our move to Idaho and all of the extra time sinks that come with setting up in a new job and a new place. I still have a lot of fun taking Jahgah the Mage or Trample the Shaman out with a guild group (Tusk and Talon is doing great, and raiding Molten Core, Onyxia, and even Blackwing's Lair every week). The only downside is that it kills some of the free time I have to spend with Hillary, but maybe I can get her hooked too!

Sandpoint got its first good snowfall of the year Monday night, and the roads had 3-4 inches of snow and ice built up by the next morning. My poor little Lancer just doesn't have the weight to keep good traction, so I was trying really hard not to slide all over the road. Last night I took it over and got some snow tires ($380 I hadn't planned on spending), and things are much better now.

Our plans for our DisneyWorld vacation next month are all set now. The mouse has his dirty gloved hands deep in my wallet, but everything is paid for in advance (including meals), so I think it'll be easier to relax, have fun, and not worry about how much anything costs. I noticed that Orlando hit 70 degrees yesterday (and they're in the middle of a "cold snap"), so I look forward to going from two-foot snow drifts to waterslides.


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