Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Some of the SA Goons have been working on something called "Puzzle Breakers", which are chains of puzzles where the solution to one puzzle leads to the next image. The current chain begins at:

When you're ready to guess the answer, you just change "start.png" to "(youranswer).png". Be warned, some of these puzzles are very difficult, and have taken groups of 3-5 people up to a week to solve (and even then, only after a couple of hints from the puzzle creator).

We're currently working on this one (don't hover over the link if you want to try to solve the chain yourself). You can see the full thread (with all solutions found so far) here.

If you're looking for something a little less mind-twisting, check out TylerK's Picross. It's a classic "Paint By Numbers" game that you may have seen in Games Magazine. There aren't actually any instructions on the page, but you can find directions for solving them (and some more puzzles) here.


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