Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It strikes silently, with the fury of 1,000 RSS feeds

Everybody has a blog these days, and we're finally getting to the point where "everybody" means "all of my friends". Yesterday, as I added the eleventh blog to my already-bloated Firefox bookmarks, I decided I needed something better.

Enter Newsninja. It's a web-based RSS feed aggregator, and it means never having to click through a dozen bookmarks, hoping to find an update or two.

Basically, you tell Newsninja what sites you want it to watch. Most blogs and news sites publish an RSS feed (see that little orange icon down in the right corner of Firefox?), which you then plug into Newsninja's setup screen and assign to a category (such as... well... "blogs"). Every hour or so, Newsninja goes out and checks all of the feeds in your profile for new items and publishes them in a sexy overview format.

Just by going to one site, I can see which of my friends have updated their blogs, and which sites I regularly follow have new content. Did I mention it was free?

Go forth, sign up, and delete all those stupid bookmarks.


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